leave the gun take the cannoli

david sedaris……was mentioning him earlier when someone commented on liking him. really make me think i should mention a few other books and/or things here. i just read the rereleased version of barrel fever during my computer outage over the summer. i had been listening to him on NPR for a few year, a local santa monica station called KCRW which i still catch online.

if you haven’t hear him or read his work i highly recommend it. there are archives of his radio stuff from this american life a program from NPR and Public Radio International. i’d recommend a lot of the work they’ve highlighted there over the year. one of my personal favorites is bill buford’s amoung the thugs which was featured on TAL’s mob mentality show, FYI he’s the editor of Granta.
and of course the National Story Project with Paul Auster (from All Things Considered), have you read “I Thought My Father Was God”? that’s faboo too

oh no here i go huh? between books and NPR i could go on for days….i promise i won’t

How about “Rivethead” by Ben Hamper? Ben Hamper is best known as “the guy shooting free throws” in Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me”. But he was also a longtime columnist under the title “Rivethead” in Mother Jones. If anyone thinks that working for GM, or any industrial powerhouse, is a plum job with high pay, good hours, and loads of fun, then read this book and learn something about the way corporations value human capital.

I used to listen to the local program “Book Worm” all the time, it’s where I first found GEEK LOVE *you listening Joi?* and another favorite The Saskiad by Brian Hall. and Dave Eggers and Spaulding Gray and Nick Hornby and Vivian Gussin Paley and Sarah Vowell, Take the Cannoli: (Stories from the New World)

Anything you recommend??

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