Listing All The Reasons I Love Lists

Been chatting with a reporter for the Oregonian who is doing a story on people who gather lists. Do I have any lists? Let me think -lists of places I’ve worked, lists of all the books in my house, lists of all my CD’s, lists of people I’d invite to dinner, list of my favorite cheesy albums, work to do list, home to do lists. I also keep insane grocery lists and the average prices so I can tell when it’s a really good sale.

List keep me sane – or maybe less crazy. My dad keeps lists. My grandpa kept lists – when he died we found a list from 1935 of each and everything he bought to have his house build right down to the cost/number of nails in pennies!. Both he and my dad tracked gas per mile and cost of the gas per mile daily.

After talking to her yesterday we even realized I work with a company that manages lists!! In the grand scheme of things, all databases are essentially lists.The earliest list I can remember making, abet a little morbid, was a list of who I wanted to be invited to my funeral. I was in 7th grade and we had been talking about living wills in our science class. It just seemed to make sense at the time and it was attached to my will and messages for all the people who were to come.

I think some of my list making comes from writing in journals since I’ve been young. Even journalling (blogging) is a kind of list making, a list of what you’ve been up to.

What do you keep lists of?

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