A Handful of New Books

Ok this time I was just running around the house with a note pad – not quite as many new books.

Hannibal – Thomas Harris
Dune: House Harkonnen – Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson
Dune : House Atreides – Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
Greatest Salesman in the World Pt.II – Og Mandino
Kiss My Tiara How to Rule the World As a Smartmouth Goddess – Susan Jane Gilman
Making Faces – Kevyn Aucoin
Reengineering Management – James Champy
The 10-Minute L.E.A.P.: Lifetime Exercise Adherence Plan – Richard L. Brown
The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken over the Ship -Charles Bukowski
The Curious Sofa – Edward Gorey
The Epiplectic Bicycle – Edward Gorey
The Kinship of Women : A Celebration of Enduring Friendship – Pat Ross
The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live – Sarah Susanka
The Sacred Heart : An Atlas of the Body Seen Through Invasive Surgery – Max Aguilera-Hellweg
The Saskiad – Brian Hall
Music for Torching – A.M. Homes
The Evil that Men Do – Stephen G. Michaud and Roy Hazelwood
Mind Hunter : Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit – John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker
Cybertalk – Gordon Lewis
Many Lives, Many Masters – Brian L. Weiss
Only Love Is Real : A Story of Soulmates Reunited – Brian L. Weis
Messages from the Masters : Tapping into the Power of Love – Brian L. Weiss
Cults in Our Midst – Margaret Thaler Singer
The Pop-Up Book of Phobias – Gary Greenberg
All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft – Julie Bick
Combatting Cult Mind Control – Stephan Hassen
Digital Darwinism – Evan I. Schwartz

And a ton more that I’ll have to save for another time!

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