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whew i’ve been offline for like a whole week now!! i’ve been visiting the local library that’s just been renovated. grab a whole slew of books and been reading up a storm. i’ve been reading about a book a day it seems. here are the latest

bitch goddess by robert rodi
naked by david sedaris
barrel fever by david sedaris
i thought my father was god – a short story collection from weekend all things considered edited by paul auster
dune – house harkonenn by brian herbert (yes his son)
dune – house corrino by brian herbert

i’ve got some more reading to do, it’s been almost 100 degrees all week but i’ve got the top down in the car and now i’m outta here

2 thoughts on “More From The Reading Corner

    • not so much the heat…

      as it is the humidity =) at least that’s what they’d say back east (massachusetts) were i grew up. jeez it was a scorcher though this past week. i’ve been in the library so much because they remodeled it all lovely and cozy. of course the artic ac was blowing too

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