Puss in Books: Adventures of the Library Cat

“Puss in Books” takes a humorous and thought-provoking look at cats from throughout the United States that call a library their home. Most of these cats and the librarians who care for them belong to the Library Cat Society, an organization whose mission is “to promote the establishment of a cat or cats in a library setting.” Want more?

Dewey Readmore Books
Cat in Residence
Spencer Public Library
Spencer, IA

“Puss in Books” goes behind the scenes and between the stacks to tell the story of this burgeoning movement. Also, the film explores the issue of the ethics of keeping cats in libraries, considering the needs of allergic and ailurophobic patrons. For more information about the film, some interesting articles and of course pictures of all the kitties, visit these sites:

Map of the Libraries in the USA and Canada with cats
Press coverage about “Puss in Books”
Interviews and Information
The Library Cat Society
An article from the AVMA

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