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well today is “spend the day with the bad boy of DIY” yes it’s changing room’s own Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. who if i’ve heard correctly is a Lord as well. the english crack me up and i love this show, they are so much more cheeky then their america counterparts. a half hour program of redecorating on a 500 pound budget. don’t remember how i first got addicted but i am now. my replay is set up to faithfully record each episode availible any day/time.

one of the bad boy show’s that’s going to be highlighted today is when changing rooms meets ground force. it’ll be laurence and andy in the garden, charlie and tommy in the bedroom and alan playing carol smillie. another great bbc show is ground force the outdoor DIY. alan titchmarsh leads the crew into action, secretly transforming people’s gardens while their backs are turned. with $1000, and 48 hours, derelict plots become water gardens, wildlife havens, courtyards and clipped lawns. not as faboo as changing rooms, but still fun. fyi boys charlie never seems to have a bra on. as the site put’s it “only in England could hefty shoulders, two visible nipples, a Hampshire burr and a penchant for gardening turn a 33-year-old yokel (“earthy country girl” are the words she prefers) into a household sensation.”

today also brings a trading spaces marathon. it’s the american counterpart to changing rooms. first off i have no clue why a marathon only has 3 shows and the show drags out for an hour on the tlc version. still i usually have them on replay so i can skip most of it and hit the end part. trading spaces has been done in my home town of springfield, massachusetts and the neighboring town of northhampton although i love vern’s work i can’t stand either of the houses done in spfld. though neither compare to dez’s room in washington.

trading spaces recently hit the northwest as well and into my new state of oregon. there were 3 episodes done in locally in portland they were located at: alyssum ave, everett street and alsea court. i think if i were the homeowner on everett street i would have kicked doug’s ass after turning the family room into a movie theater. don’t get me wrong it’s a great room just not a “family room” like they had. it’s a little less functional then it needed to be. and speak of non-functional the moss-coverd wall and rock floor genevieve did in san deigo (i think season one) was also an ass-kicker.

well i admit it there are some show i just can get enough of stay tuned for my iron chef rant.

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  1. What about that horrifying silver/purple quadrant thing that they showed earlier? I couldn’t believe the couple didn’t seem to hate it. And you’re right, that movie thater thing would’ve been cool if it were supposed to be a theater and not a family room. And the episode that’s on right now is great. Why on earth anyone would paint giant dark brown squares on a wall is beyond me. And, granted the couple isn’t open-minded, but they’re right about the fireplace not needing to be painted. Why that freak covered it up makes no sense. But, I did love that Doug got pissed because he wasn’t able to fulfill his vision. Man, did he make that room ugly. I probably wouldn’t have cried about it, but I definitely would have repainted it ASAP.

    • The crying gal.

      She was crying over the stress of the issue, having heard the night before that her grandma had a stroke having to deal with that off camera yet still be chipper on film, and not just the fireplace.
      Also turns out that the fireplace facade was a fire hazard and had charred bits on the inside when they took it down

      That said, I hate Doug.

  2. haha I had to laugh at the Charlie/bra reference, she seems a good gal and hard worker despite her lack of undergarments

    and I love love love Laurence and normally enjoy his designs, even the post-apocalyptic caravan episode with the plethora of terra cotta-ish colors. I like Carol as well, she’s like a perky little pregnant munchkin.

    Another good DIY show on the BBC is House Invaders with Anna Ryder Richardson which you’ll recognize as a designer from Changing Rooms.

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