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i was reading the sunday paper and came across an article on the other most faboo person from springfield. theodore seuss geisel aka dr. suess. they are unveiling some memorial statues of dr. suess characters next weekend. i was visiting the web site about the event and came across some other springfield sites. i thought the memorial was going to be downtown, but it’s at the the quadrangle instead.

ok that might not mean anything to you, so let me put it in some context. when i was going to college at stcc i lived across from the quadrangle (like 10 feet) and was obsessed with hanging out there. mostly the library because it was 3x the size of the one on campus, but it was some culture i was yearning for too. the web site describes the “quad” as “the historic quadrangle where four distinctive museums and a major urban resource library are clustered around a tree-shaded green”. there are two art museums, a science museum and a historical/genealogy museum. most of the building are from the victorian era, the gwvs art museum was 100 in 1996. i remember first learning about the dune series by frank herbert, running over to the library, taking out all 8 books and reading them for days. to be fair to dune fans there are many many more sites, then the one site i listed above.

the world of dune or the fedaykin or planet arrakis and the official site for the dune novels.

although frank herbert died a few years ago, his son carried on with dune and a prequel trilogy. highlights mostly the prequels, but has a lot of other dune-related information. the prequels consist of house atreides, the just released house harkonnen and the third and final prelude house corrino which is due out any day now.

if you are interested in the sci-fi channel series on dune check out their site, and the official site for the dune novels, although it seems a little centric on the latest works.

jeez i certain started one place and ended another huh? well it was a fun little trip down memory lane.

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