Reconcillation Day

cinnamon and sugary, soft spoken lies…you’ll never know just how you’ll look in other people’s eyes. listening to that song on the way home today.

it’s memorial day weekend, which of course, is known for partying and bbqing rather than it’s original meaning. after the civil war, memorial day was declared to remember all the people, mainly soldiers, that had died during the war. today, i think it’s also good to remember any/all fallen heros. maybe just even remember someone..anyone. i always used to read a dear abby column (or something like it) that said there should be a reconcillation day. where you put aside bad thoughts, time or distance and get in touch with someone you’ve been closer to in the past.
maybe memorial day is just the perfect time to do something like that.

life is much too short to hold grudges even if you are/were right. why don’t you give some a call/email or write them a letter. put the ball back in their court, ask for forgiveness or just be the bigger person and tell them you want a “do-over” =)

is there someone in your life you’ve been close with and not aren’t? why?

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