strangest dreams

woke up after having the strangest dream tonight. i was visiting some science college, that was run by stephen hawkings and i wandered into the lab where they were looking for some students to volunteer. john was there too, he was checking in on some classes. i grabbed a cup of coffee and was making some popcorn while i listened to more about the program. i can’t remember all of the details but next thing you know john and i have been picked as one of the 15 students that are going to live in the international space station for a month. the teacher was joking that college kids don’t mind ramen noodles and soup so this should be fun for all.

next thing we were at some country club where they are deciding on the finalists. it was this completely wealthy group of people who where also competing to be one of the people that got to go with us. the funny thing about it was they couldn’t pay $20 million to be on this trip and that was tweaking some of them. all of a sudden it turned into a talent show and we were all in the mall ala tiffany or something.

then i woke up and decided to write this. weird huh?

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