I Heart HBO

There has been such good writing in recent years but it’s hard to actually compare a whole lot because I didn’t have a TV for so long. Here’s some of the my recent favorite programs

  • Six Feet Under – This is such a well rounded show, it’s about a family who runs a funeral home in LA.  Despite the setting, it’s really not about death but a reflection on every day life.
  • OZ – Who wouldn’t love a fun jail show in a max. security prison. I’m bummed it’s not back until 2003, but there are some reruns in the meantime
  • The Sopranos – The season opener is coming in September, looking good.
  • The Dennis Miller Show – sure he can be a little bitter about some specifics but damn the man is funny. Check out his show from 1992 if you’d like to be retro.

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