Metalheads KNEW this would happen

CNN, Wall Street Journal, EW, MSN and the nightly news all are talking about the press dinner at the White House today. Are they talking about the prez, the emcee, the guests? No – just one guest….Ozzy. As an old school metal head with an affinity for 80’s hair bands, I must say I knew sooner or later the rest of the world would catch up with what the metal community all ready knew… Ozzy Rocks!

The Osbournes were mobbed by media, politicians, fans, and everyone but the perplexed Secret Service who, in order to prevent an escalation of the frenzy, had to let the O’s in the building before the President! Ozzy was mentioned in the first 90 seconds of President Bush’s speech and yes, worlds did collide when Ozzy met Prez and taking a hand-full of his red-tipped locks, said “You should wear your hair like mine!” Later, after Ozzy stood on his chair and waved his hands to the throngs of suddenly un-closeted journo/politico fans.

For the best recounting of the evening–a truly bizarre night by all accounts–visit the Washington Post’s Ozzy-gate reportage or any of this recap The Biz, Ozzy Osbourne, Superstar — Again and Groupie Central: Sharon Osbourne

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