What Is Selectracution?

Ah the burning question. Selectracution was this digital dating game in the late 80’s where you’d go into a bar and you’d get a name tag. the tag would usually have your two letter initials, maybe three if you were lucky. in the front of the bar was this scrolling ticker tape. it would flash messages “from ty to mr you’re pretty cute can i buy you a drink?”

they called it “hi-tech flirting” you’d have to look around the bar to see who the person was that was sending you notes. of course we’d always be sitting in the corner booths or hiding our name tags if there was a complete wienie trying to scoop on us. and then there was sending fake messages to some one from other person, or making up an initial to play with an unlucky soul.

jeez we had some faboo cheesy times playing around there.

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