Diving Into The Dirt with Motley Crue

Was trying to figure out what I ordered and forgotten about after a package arrived from Amazon this morning. Usually I am waiting eagerly for new books to arrive, so I was a little perplexed. I opened it up to find “The Dirt” the collaborative autobiography from Motley Crue. Mr O’Neil had send it to me from New York. He said it made him think of me and my big hair when I used to hang out on Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard with all the rockers when I worked in the music industry.

Jeez, talk about the fun flashbacks I had thinking about when I moved to LA.

I fondly recall my first day in Los Angeles when I saw Don Henley at the Tower Records buying his own album. I knew LA was the place for me, quickly relocating from San Deigo after about 3 weeks. Of course all the clubs that have changed since then, Gazzari’s isn’t there anymore it’s became the Billboard Live and then the Key Club. I wanna the big haired boys of the Eighties back and I want them to come swing by Boardners for a cocktail with me.

When I got to town I shared a house in Silverlake and immediately wanted to see all the Hollywood night spots I’d read about. The “Riot house” (Hyatt Hotel) from Hammer of the Gods, The Whiskey from No One Here Gets Out Alive, The Rainbow Room from all those GnR videos. It was certainly exciting to be around the places so many rock legends had played. Played hard.

Well flashback Friday is being cut short I’ve got a ton to do today, but I’m sure to be back reminiscing again another day.

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