2 Years Since Moving to PDX from SoCal

I’ve definitely come into my own the past few years. I really don’t have time for stress and drama so I’ve continued to make edits until I’ve become relatively free of both. While I might still have some (hell no one’s that lucky) I try and keep them to a minimum.

Really dig living in PDX. Portland is great with a cool music scene, the country’s biggest book store, weather and green grass. We’ve got an airport that’s close, metro-rail and trolley cars through downtown along with a lot of smart people. Hesitate to pump it up too much or we might find ourselves with a lot of new settlers in the area. While I have enjoyed the move at the risk of sounding clique – happiness isn’t a destination. If you think a place is going to make you happy, you’re only part right. It’s most important to find it within your self first and then the people/places/things fall in to order.

A few years back I spend some time searching for a destination after realizing I was having a hard time seeing “the bright side”. I finally decided that the person who was responsible for making that change was only going to be me. In making that change I decided to be more selfish (it’s truly the root of happiness) and make sure I was taken care of up and beyond anything else in my life. That way whatever was going to make happy was then in place and the people that I was surrounded by where going to appreciate me for who I am not what I might be trying to be.

Ok while I might be ranting a bit I find this to be true – if you make an oath that you are going to do all the things in your life for you, that you’re going to get your head straight or find the job you want or something else it will work itself out and more. Sure, you still have have your bad days and good days but the roller coaster going to be so many highs and lows anymore. You know being in the middle it’s the same distance up or down.

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