LA Comes To PDX

Chris and Betsy came up to visit last weekend. We had fun going to the U2 concert w/ Tom O’Neil. The weather up here’s been amazing, it was 83 yesterday and all kinds of green. I love it when Spring is here. I promise I won’t go off on a daffodil tangent like last year though.

I’ve been doing a little traveling for work, got to hit San Fran a few times, Miami and Las Vegas. I dig San Francisco, it’s a neat town. But crazy crazy with the rent and prices. Nice place to visit.

John’s graduating this summer, so we are going to take some time off and visit back East. His parents are in SC and the rest of the family in Ohio. We are doing great. He’s such an amazing person, we are so much alike, or more to the point we compliment each other well and communication like I’ve next experienced. We kick it about, do stuff locally and play parents to our 3 cats. You should see me it’s lil’ kitty kitty come play with me. Ok, I’m not quite the creepy lady at the end of the street with a ton of cats. I got a man to set the balance straight.

Our new fun traditional is Dim Sum for brunch on Sundays and then we go for a walk in the Chinese or Japanese Gardens locally. They are so calm and relaxing. The Chinese one is newer, it was build downtown with all the materials from our Chinese sister city, it’s got a tea house and everything.

The Japanese Garden’s are located in the Rose Gardens in Washington Park. John was taking a classes on Eastern Civilization last semester and when up there for the full day’s events. Good boy that he is, he brought me back a present, lil’ harmony bells. The park has a theater in the round and I hear they put on plays in the summer outside. It’s all in Washington Park including the zoo, we got a membership over the winter, they light the place up and you can ride the train through it at night time.

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