Communication in A Community and Different POV’s

I have been a member of many online communities since I first fell in love with the technology. From BB’s to the Well and GeoCities to email groups, all of which are more active than some cocktail mixers or networking events I’ve been too. After a particularly heated discussion in a technology group I got an email from a fellow member “We all have different experiences and different points of view; all are worth hearing.”

While I agreed in part, I wanted to talk a bit about community etiquette. So I replied:

Very well put. I agree about fostering discussion. I think communication is
a very valuable thing. Second only to compassion and honesty. My point
however mangled it might have come out, was to open the communication
channel, to engage in discussion, to listen. It just started to sound like
“bickering” on the list, not communicating.

There are a lot of things I love, hate, disdain and like in this world and
that includes certain people’s point of views. However, I will always
listen, even if I don’t understand or agree. It is very important to have
that. I’ll be the first one to admit there are certain cultural
idiosyncrasies I am not partial to, hell some flat out disgust me but its
for reasons like that I’m glad to be alive. It’s all about striking a

I don’t want to bust out on a moral tangent but I give and get enough to
people that enables me to look myself in the mirror each day and still walk
away smiling. I don’t let people label me good/bad, right/wrong or
otherwise. If you feel guilty, righteous, empowered or lame, it’s because
you made the decision to feel that way. You can’t control what other people
do or say, but you can CERTAINLY control the way you react to it or feel
about. Empowering yourselves; you might find it quite liberating, I do.

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