Can I Download My Brain?

I’m thinking about burning some of my CD’s to mp3’s. Might be easier to have them all on my server/computer than I can search with the computer rather than having to look through all the cases. You know i just think that’s the one thing that computers have over humans. Computers have a much better finder features, it’s more intuitive than the human brain.

Sure we have unlimited capacity but hey that’s a rant I’ll get into later. other opt is to hack to the cat and scan all of my CD’s in and that way I can search my title/artist and then it’ll make it easier to locate.

*grin* Do I have too much time on my hands or what? I did that once with my books, I wrote down all the books I own and then put it in a spreadsheet. Yes, I’m nuts and you can check it most of them in the library area of my site.

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