Fantasy Dinner Party #3

Here’s the challenge — if you could invite 5 people to a dinner party (not counting best friends or relatives), who would they be? What would you eat? What music would be playing? What would you talk about? Who would you invite?

Considering all the options available, it took me a few minutes and I hereby deliver my list with a disclaimer — the names will probably change with time, environment and mood.

patsy cline
janeane garofalo
charles bukowski
dorothy parker
fran lebowitz

the music:

patsy cline (of course)
hank williams
james brown
otis redding (all of above-greatest hits)
elliot smith-either/or
catpower-what would the community think
built to spill-the normal years
june of 44-tropics and meridians
the first crush compilation
unwound-challenge for a civilized society
black sabbath-the ozzy years

the food:

whiskey and large strawberries

the conversation:

70% of the night would be consumed with laughter, 20% with deep disscussion, 15% with bitching and 5% with depression. we would start out by making fun of EVERYTHING and ease into sex 101. after discussing sex and realizing the lack of it in our lives, we would get depressed. fortunately, james brown would save the day and we’d dance. we would then over-analyze a variety of inane subjects before drifting off/passing out.

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