Fantasy Dinner Party #1

Here’s the challenge — if you could invite 5 people to a dinner party (not counting best friends or relatives), who would they be? What would you eat? What music would be playing? What would you talk about? Who would you invite?

Considering all the options available, it took me a few minutes and I hereby deliver my list with a disclaimer — the names will probably change with time, environment and mood.

Stephen Wright
Timothy Leary
John Lennon

I like to mix it up a bit so I have changed the menu to be a bit different though I still love the Chianti Classico Riserva 1988 and Grand Marnier’s 150th anniversary edition part of my first one. But I think the dinner would be Greek, with grape leaves, falfel, salad, pita and lots of hummus!!

What music would be playing: I would put my 10 CD changer in it would include:

1 Elton John’s-Madman Across the Water
2 Grant Lee Buffalo-Mighty Joe Moon
3 Single Gun Theory-Flow, river of my soul
4 Traffic-Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
5 Cocteau Twins-Milk and Kisses
6 Us and Them-London Symphony does Pink Floyd
7 Natalie Merchant- Tigerlily
8 John Lennon-Greatest Hits
9 Pink Floyd-The Wall
10 Tribal Kingdom-Sounds of the Jungle

What would the conversation include:

Your first kiss, religious beliefs, revenge, humor, who are the 5 people they’d like to invite to dinner and why, the biggest crushs you’ve ever had and who was it? Sex, music and what’s their favorite kind of candy. What they are afraid of and what makes them happy. The conversation would probably cover a lot of subjects, and it would be great to speak with people whom I consider mentors. Mostly, I guess, it would be interesting to find out how they got to where they’re at and what they overcame to get there.

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